Group Show: New to the Program - Daniel Mirchev, Patrick DeAngelis & Christos Palios


PRESS RELEASE: Group Show: New to the Program - Daniel Mirchev, Patrick DeAngelis & Christos Palios, Jan  1 - Feb 23, 2024

Group Show: New to the Program - Daniel Mirchev, Patrick DeAngelis & Christos Palios
Jan 1 – Feb 23, 2024

Lanoue Gallery is pleased to present our annual Winter Group Show featuring both new talent and recent arrivals by gallery favorites including Jeremy Holmes, Carrie McGee, Pascal Pierme, Karine Leger and more.

This year, we welcome two exciting artists to the program: abstract, atmospheric oil painter, Patrick DeAngelis and contemporary photographer, Christos Palios.

Patrick DeAngelis is an oil painter based in Southern California. His work explores light and color harmonies within vast atmospheric spaces. Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, DeAngelis studied painting under artist Fredrick Graff and earned an MFA at the New York Academy of Art in 2006. Searching for new inspiration DeAngelis relocated to Southern California in 2019. The drive west made an immediate impression as the desert and ocean became leading subjects to explore light, color, and space. His most recent work strips the landscape of shape, line, and texture, formal elements that help articulate representational identity, in turn revealing only color, tone, and a singular suggestive line.

Christos Palios is a fine art photographer residing in Maryland. As a first-generation Greek-American, Palios' perspectives were shaped by two disparate and fascinating cultures. The artist's practice is born from a wellspring of inspiration among themes of memory, connection, and identity.

Conversation Series

For this series, I contemplate the indomitable implications technology has on human interaction by documenting personal meals shared with friends and family. Evoking the Dutch Golden Age genre of still-life painting as an aesthetic foundation, I intend these photographs as contemporary anecdotal counterparts representing the frenetic, hyper-convenient, always-connected, consumerist epoch of instant gratification.

Isolation Games Series

At the dawn of 2020, universal freedoms were renegotiated as the world receded into quarantine. We promptly discovered detachment drastically shifts routine and tests psychology. Humanity's fragile inter-connectedness amid a surreal stillness became a germane allegory of solidarity and perseverance in an uncertain world. With natural light befitting mood, each tabletop represents distraction and amusement, a need seemingly amplified in a skewed world. As pastimes rooted in tradition, like mythology and literature, games are cultural agents for human experience—the zeitgeist of societies.