Jonathan Smith


Jonathan Smith Biography


British, born 1978

Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY


Diploma Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism, The International Center of Photography, New York (2000-2001)

B.A. (Honors) Fine Art, The University for Creative Arts in Canterbury U.K (1997-2000)

Jonathan Smith spent the early years of his career assisting and printing for renowned photographer Joel Meyerowitz, and has had solo exhibitions both in the United States and Internationally. His work consists of large scale, highly nuanced color photographs of the stark natural beauty and inherent impermanence of landscapes.

Smith has been photographing natural landscapes for more than 15 years. Shooting precisely and selectively with incredible detail, Smith often revisits the same site on several occasions until he feels the essential character of the landscape has been revealed to him. This conscious and gradual process of documentation results in meditations on land, water and air.

His investigations of landscape have led him to the remote locations of northern Iceland and southern Patagonia, where he photographed streams, glaciers, glacial rivers and waterfalls. These landscapes, devoid of human presence, display a world lost in time. Often abstracted, these photographs of mountain streams and glacial shifts are a reminder of the forces of nature at play; a sublime beauty far removed from the everyday. Drifting into frame, the dreamlike palette of these landscapes offers a window into an ephemeral world where scale and perspective become impalpable. These landscapes inspired the creation of large-scale prints that echo the vastness of the spaces they depict, inviting the viewer in to contemplate their own relationship to the natural world.

Smith has been the recipient of a number of awards for his work including The Hearst Biennial Award, The Magenta Foundation Award, the PDN Annual Awards and the Photography Book Now Blurb award. Additionally, his work has appeared in numerous magazines including The Smithsonian, The Royal Photographic Society, PDN and Art and Architecture.


2023 "Out Of The Blue", Danziger Gallery, LA

2022 "Waterways II", Diehl Galley, Jackson, WY

2022 "Waterways", Lanoue Gallery, Boston, MA

2021 Featured Artist, Lanoue Gallery, Boston, MA

2020 "Waterways", Diehl Gallery, Jackson WY

2018 "Oceans", Ille Arts gallery NY

2017 “Waterforms”, The Curator Gallery, NY

2016 “Streams/Glaciers”, Ille Arts, Amagansett, NY

2015 “Streams”, Nunc Contemporary, Antwerp

2015 “Streams”, East Central College Gallery, Union, MO

2014 “Streams”, Curated by 3walls,The Curator Gallery, NY

2013 “Landscapes: Parallel and Visual Journals”, Ille Arts, Amagansett, NY,

2011 “Untold Stories”, Hearst Gallery at Hearst Tower, NY

2010 “Untold Stories”, Rick Wester Fine Art, NY

2005 “The Bridge Project”, The International Center for Tolerance Education, NY



2024 “Before Midnight”, Danziger Gallery NY

2023 "Bright and Beautiful VII", Diehl Gallery, Jackson WY

2022 "XX, Twenty Year Exhibition", Morgan Lehman

2022 "Winter White", Diehl Gallery, Jackson WY

2021 "Bright and Beautiful V", Diehl Gallery, Jackson WY

2021 Annual Fête, Diehl Gallery, Jackson WY

2021 Featured Artist, Lanoue Gallery, Boston, MA

2020 "Warm Waters", Anne Neilson Fine Art, Charlotte, NC

2019 "Selected works", Ille Art, Amagansett, NY

2018 "Streams/Falls" Putnam & Mason, Greenwich CT

2018 "Tirreno" Elizabeth Dow Gallery, Amagansett, NY

2016 “Waterways IV”, Heather Gaudio Fine Art, New Canaan, CT,

2016 “Artists of the Year, 2015 Greatest Hits”, The Curator Gallery, NY

2015 “And Everything In Between”, DZINE Gallery, SF

2014 “Artists of the Year, 2014 Greatest Hits”, The Curator Gallery, NY

2014 “Observing Connections” CVA Gallery, Brookdale College, NJ

2014 “Away We Go”, Emerging Brooklyn Artists",The Curator Gallery, NY

2012 Annual Holiday Salon Exhibition, Ille Art, Amagansett, NY

2012 “3walls”, Three person Exhibition, Brooklyn, NY

2011 “Hail traveller! Rick Wester Fine Art, NY

2008 “The Altered Landscape”, Newspace Center for Photography, Portland, OR



2024 AIPAD, NY

2023 Untitled, Miami

2022 Scope, Miami

2019    Photo L.A

2018    ICFF, NYC

2018    Art on Paper NYC

2017    AIPAD, NY

2015    Art 021, Shanghai

2015    Pan Amsterdam

2014    Scope, Miami

2013    AIPAD, NY

2013    Fotofever Fair, Brussels

2013    Art Market Texas

2013    Art Market Hamptons

2012    AIPAD, NY

2011    Governors Island Art Fair, NY

2011    AIPAD, NY

2010    Governors Island Art Fair, NY

2006    PhotoPlus Expo,

2006    Photokina, Cologne



2020    Herhúsid, Art Residency, Iceland

2016    Herhúsid, Art Residency, Iceland

2014    Herhúsid, Art Residency, Iceland

2013    Herhúsid, Art Residency, Iceland

2011    Hearst 8x10 Photography Biennial, “Untold Stories”

2010    The Magenta Foundation, Flash Forward competition, Winner, “Untold Stories”

2010    PDN annual Awards, Winner, Personal category, “Untold Stories”

2009    Sony Photography Awards, Shortlisted, “East/West”

2009    Santa Fe Prize for Photography, Nominated, “The Bridge Project”

2008    Photography Book Now, Blurb, Category Winner, “The Bridge Project”

2008    The Magenta Foundation, Flash Forward competition, Winner, “Night and The City”

2006    PDN 30, Winner, “The Bridge Project”

2004    The Design Trust for Public Space, Photo Urbanism Fellowship, “The Bridge Project”



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