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Jeremy Holmes enjoys working with wood in less conventional ways in order to expand the form and function of this most practical of building materials.  He starts by using traditional woodworking techniques in order to make very thin boards.  For this exhibition, Holmes has chosen to work entirely with hardwoods, such as white ash, cherry, and black walnut, even combining the different woods in some of the same sculptures.  After the boards are made, he soaks them over a period of time in order to soften the wood just enough to allow him to bend the boards into abstract compositions.  Following this free-form bending process, he then joins and sands each sculpture into its final permanent and interconnected state.

Holmes describes the process of torqueing a raw, solid material like wood as somewhat random and uncertain.  Even as he is bending the wood in a particular direction, the exact outcome is never entirely certain.  While Holmes may start the sculpting process with an intention, he often allows for a certain amount of randomness to occur should a new idea overtake his original plan.    

Says Holmes, “With each finished sculpture, my own curiosity remains suspended in the completed piece, which keeps the creation of each work exciting for me.”   The end result for Holmes is that action, spontaneity, and improvisation can be combined with material and methodology in the quest for a beautiful art object. 


Jeremy Holmes room installation at Lanoue Gallery, Boston from Lanoue Gallery on Vimeo.


2007    State University of New York at New Paltz

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Sculpture


2023  Intertwine, Lanoue Gallery, Boston, MA.

2021   Finding (A)Symmetry, Lanoue Gallery, Boston, MA.

2019   Hardwoods, Lanoue Gallery, Boston, MA.

2014    Convergence. Pearlstein Gallery, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA.  

2014    Perpetual Curves.  Exhibit A Gallery, Corning NY.

2011    ¼ Mile.  Vantage Gallery, in part with Art in the Public Eye, Glens Falls, NY.

2009    Seeing Atmosphere.  Cooperstown Art Association, Cooperstown, NY. 

2008    Endless Connections.  Feast Gallery. Saratoga, NY. 

2008    Conversations.  Kingston Museum of Contemporary Art, Kingston NY. 


2017   Two person show with painter, Karine Léger,  Lanoue Gallery, Boston, MA.

2016    Maximum Craft.  Signature Contemporary Gallery. Atlanta, GA.

2016    Defying Perceptions.  Heather Gaudio Fine Arts. New Canaan, CT.

2015    Locally Sourced.  The Johnson Museum. Cornell University. Ithaca, NY

2014    Into the Woods.  The Byrne Gallery, Middleburg, VA

2014    Artolease. Openhouse Gallery, Soho, NY

2014    Atmosphere, Gallery Isabelle Lestmeister, Regensburg, Germany

2013    Forward:  an Exhibition of Gallery Artists.  Exhibit A, Corning, NY

2012    Up From The Deep, TNC Gallery, NY

2012    Streetwater- Big Lobby Art, Openhouse Gallery, SoHo, NY

2012    Axiome, Gallery Isabelle Lestmeister, Regensburg, Germany

2012    Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Wilderstein Historical Site, Rhinebeck, NY

2012    Stable Exhibition, Exhibit A, Corning, NY

2012    Torqued & Twisted, The Center for Craft and Creativity and Design, Ashville, NC

2011    The Longest Night, The Gowanus Ballroom, Brooklyn, NY

2011    Mvsevm Opening, Paula Lalala Mvsevm, Cornwallville, NY

2011    Emerging Artist Exhibition, Future of the Fingerlakes, Middlesex, NY

2011    Art on the Grounds, The Plantsmen Nursery, Groton, NY

2011    Made in New York Wood Show, Cooperstown Art Association, Cooperstown, NY

2011    Speaking in Tongues, Black Vulture Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2011    Trimania, Buffalo Arts Center, Buffalo, NY

2010    Members Group Show, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, NY

2010    Parallax - Two Person Show, Exhibit A Gallery, Corning, NY

2010    Art In the Heart of the City, Juried Outdoor Exhibition, Ithaca, NY

2010    Arc Angle, Lucky Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2010    Abstracts from 7 Emerging New York Artists, Smithy Gallery, Cooperstown, NY

2009    The Mansion Regional Juried Art Show, Wilbur Mansion, Oneonta, NY

2009    Fluxus Friday, Neuberger Museum, Purchase College, NY

2007    Conversation, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, SUNY New Paltz

2007    Made in New York Wood Show, Cooperstown Art Association, Cooperstown, NY

2007    Nature and Balance, Juried Outdoor Exhibition, Arsenal Center for the Arts, Watertown, MA


2016    Rise.  NYC.  Permanent Installation

2016    Stamford Health Center, Permanent Installation

2015    Axis.  Chicago. Permanent Installation

2015    Grand Thorton.  Chicago, IL. Permanent Installation

2015    400 El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA.  Permanent Installation

2015    Fort Lauderdale International Airport Permanent Installation Finalist, Florida.

2015    Carnegie Park, New York, NY.   Related Company

2014    One Madison, New York, NY.   Related Company

2014    Infinite, Donau-Einkaufszentrum, Regensburg, Germany 

2014    Holland and Knight Law Firm Permanent Commission, Washington, D.C.

2013    Allentown Pediatrics, Buffalo, NY

2013    Tapestry Charter School, Buffalo, NY 

2013    Brewery Ommegang, Cooperstown, NY

2012    Tapestry Charter School, Buffalo, NY

2012    Metal Floss Magazine, Openhouse Gallery, SoHo, NYC

2012    Streetwater - Big Lobby Art, Openhouse Gallery, SoHo, NYC

2012    Cherry Valley Summer Sculpture Trail, Cherry Valley, NY

2012    Mountain Jam Music Festival, Hunter Mountain, NY

2012    Wilma M. Sherrill Center: Health and Fitness Center, UNC at Asheville 

2011    New Park Private Grounds, Ithaca, NY

2011    Mountain Jam Music Festival, Hunter Mountain, NY

2011    Pure Design Building, Corning, NY

2010    Belgium Comes to Cooperstown, Brewery Ommegang, Cooperstown, NY

2010    Great Blue Heron Music Festival Commission, Sherman, NY

2010    Mountain Jam Music Festival, Hunter Mountain, NY

2010    Pure Design Building, Corning, NY

2009    Foothills Performing Art Center Commission, Oneonta, NY

2009    Hoffman Lane Bistro Restaurant, Cooperstown, NY

2008    Sodus Art Bank, Sodus, NY


2016    Art Toronto. Canada

2016    Scope, NY

2016    Art Bodensee, Austria

2016    Art Karslruhe, Germany

2015    Art Toronto, Canada

2015    Hamptons Art Fair, NY

2015    Silicon Valley Art Fair, California

2015    Toronto Art Fair, Canada

2015    Art Fair Karslruhe, Germany

2015    Art.Fair, Cologne, Germany

2014    Aqua Art Fair, Miami, Fl

2014    Singapore Art Fair, Singapore

2014    Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg, Germany.

2014    Bloom: The Creative Industries Art Show, Cologne, Germany

2013    Singapore Art Fair, Singapore

2013    Bloom: The Creative Industries Art Show, Cologne, Germany

2013    Echo Art Fair, Buffalo, NY

2013    London Art Fair, London, UK

2012    Singapore Art Fair, Singapore

2012    Bloom: The Creative Industries Art Show, Cologne, Germany

2012    Echo Art Fair, Buffalo, NY

2011    Echo Art Fair, Buffalo, NY

2010    Bloom: The Creative Industries Art Show, Cologne, Germany


2013    Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts.  Lecturer.   Ithaca, NY

2013    TEDx Cortland, Lecturer and Stage Design. Living Smart Well, Now Cortland, NY

2012    College Art Association 100th Annual Conference, Lecturer, Los Angeles, CA

2012    Visiting Artist, Tapestry Charter School, Buffalo, NY

2012    Artist in Residence, University of North Carolina at Asheville, NC

2008    Sodus Art Bank Residence, Sodus, NY

2008    Anderson Ranch School of Arts, Snowmass Village, CO


2014    SOS Grant Award Winner

2011    CAP Fellowship Award Winner for Tompkins County, Ithaca, NY

2010    WOW Award, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, NY

2009    WSKG Art Competition Award, Binghamton, NY

2009    Sculpture Award, Mansion Regional Juried Art Show, Oneonta, NY

2008    Wingate Fellowship Award, The Center for Craft, Creativity and Design, Hendersonville, NC

2007    Most Outstanding Art Department Graduate, SUNY New Paltz. NY

2007    Dr. Edwin A. Ulrich Fine Arts Memorial Scholarship, New Paltz, NY


2016  “Donald Groscost, David Burdeny and Jeremy Holmes exhibit at Heather Gaudio Fine Art” March 2016. 

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2009    NPR  “Seeing Atmosphere” Interview with WSKG's Bill Snyder. NPR artist interview 2008    Chronogram Magazine. “You had to be there” by Beth Wilson


2019  The Boston Globe, A Ribbon of Flight and Grace, Cate McQuaid, 5/31/19

You may ask: A coil of hardwood? Indeed. Holmes works with hardwood veneer — cherry, in the case of his exuberant installation at Lanoue Gallery. He soaks the thin planks in water to soften them up. The artist bends the sodden planks and clamps them until the moisture seeps out and the wood holds its form.

He attached the ones in this untitled piece end to end, and packaged them in a coil ready to unfurl and suspend from the ceiling with nearly invisible microfilaments. It’s a loose, ribbony tangle, lolling yet energetic. Standing in the middle of it, I felt elated and at ease, as if there were no hard angles in life, no weight of gravity. Just flight and grace.

The piece fills a space that used to be Kabinett’s main gallery, and Samson’s before that. Lanoue has now annexed it, and mounted this unusually ambitious installation for a local commercial gallery.

Holmes’s smaller wall and pedestal works are on view in Lanoue’s central space. They’re all closed loops of curled hardwood — a rooted, stubborn material that the artist appears to at once tame and liberate. Most are naked wood, but sometimes he paints one side, imbuing the in-and-out folds with more percussive rhythm.

His symmetrical pieces are too tamed, too pretty, like giftwrap bows. I prefer the unpredictable lines of asymmetrical works such as the white ash “Untitled (Horizontal Blue),” painted with Aegean blue. It takes a deep dive at the center, then thrusts jazzily to the right like a Bob Fosse dancer.

For his most recent pieces, “Broaden” and “Expansive,” Holmes sculpts wider planks, roughly 10 or 11 inches across. They are even more challenging to manipulate. Yet they feel generous and substantive, their curves a great embrace. Like lasagna noodles rather than tagliatelle, you know they will hold more sauce.


At Lanoue Gallery, 450 Harrison Ave., through June 16.