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From Artscope Magazine, "25 Artists That Have Captured Our Imagination"


“Onyx or stars in a night sky. Water droplets glistening in the light. Translucent pearls, amoebic blobs, cells, molecules. Sand T’s ever-expanding body of non-objective work suggests all these images, using lines, light, dot, and form in an original technique that captures UV-resistant industrial epoxy resin in compositions that exploit the notion of time, play powerfully on many dualities, and involve the viewers as a co-creator.”

“Sand T applies the resin’s water-like drops improvisationally over the graphite. Each drop suggesting the next, like jazz musician soloing over a set chord pattern. The completed panel, set off from the wall in a cradle, seems to move with you as you view it, the bulging drops distorting the graphite and the reflective and light-responsive properties of the resin constantly changing the image, depending on where you stand.”

“Like symbols in a private alphabet, Sand T feels the pieces comment on time. They reflect the entire time used to create the work – sketching it, drawing the graphite lines, layering and adding the drops. They are evidence of when each dot was dropped, where and how it fell, and the movement from one drop to another, as well as the time spent viewing the work. Time also can seem to stand still, because the shiny pieces have a meditative, mesmerizing quality. “

“Conceptual dichotomies jump off the panels at you: simple design elements vs. complex technique, black vs. white; certainty vs. random chance. Compositions seem still and inanimate, yet they undulate and breathe on the wall. The graphite’s flat, rigid two-dimensionality is seduced and rounded by three-dimensional drops that themselves look liquid and soon to run off the frame, yet appear solid, captured and immobile.”

Excerpts taken from an article written by Roanna Forman, artscope Magazine's 5th Anniversary Issue, Boston, MA, Mar/Apr, 2011, p. 46























































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