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  • Carolina Sardi

Carolina Sardi is an Argentine sculptor, living in Miami. 'Although I work mainly with steel, my sculptures and installations have an organic sensibility that reflects my interest in the basic interactions of life. The reference to geometry, natural shapes and the use of positive and negative spaces are a response to the search of a balance between opposites.'

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Detail view

Sardi in studio

Corporate installation


Residential installation

Residential installation

Untitled (Whites)
Painted steel
57 x 72 x 2"
Multicolor Installation
Painted Steel
59 x 87 x 2"
Plated steel
82 x 73 x 2"
Plated Steel
52 x 52 x 2"
Del Agua Mansa
Plated Steel
63 x 17 1/2 x 2"
Lying Down with 7 Stars
Plated Steel
46 x 41 x 2"
Orange Nest
Painted Steel
60 x 36 x 2"
Yellow in a Diamond Shape
Painted Steel
61 x 58 x 2"
Blue Nest
Painted Steel
72 x 24 x 2"
Blue Installation
Painted Steel
39 x 122 x 2"